Friday, 16 December 2016

Estranged Notions: Strange Notions is the #4 Ranked Atheist Blog on the Internet! (not)

This went up yesterday and I missed it:

Strange Notions is the #4 Ranked Atheist Blog on the Internet!

“Feedspot” seems to be a typical feed-reader site that also posts a regular stream of “Top <N> <subject> blogs” articles, all from the same template and quite possibly automatically generated. Their “Top 30 Atheist Blogs” post, which actually contains 32 entries, lists SN at #4 (after Freindly Atheist, r/atheism, and Atheist Revolution); Brandon seems to think that this means something. The meaninglessness of the list, though, is clearly demonstrated by the fact that the #7 entry confuses the blogging network “The Orbit” with Greta Christina's blog which is merely one of the blogs hosted there; #14 is Randal Rauser's blog (even less of an atheist blog than SN is); #16 is “Atheists are Idiots”, a deranged rad-trad Catholic; #18 is “Atheism Analyzed”, another deranged anti-atheist (and evolution denier); and #21 is “Atheistwatch”, one of Joe Hinman's blogs (Joe is resident theist gadfly at the Secular Outpost).

So congratulations, Brandon, you have been given an award by… a purveyor of meaningless awards.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

USA election thread

Let's keep discussion of the US election and its aftermath in just this thread, please.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Price / Ehrman debate thread

On October 21 there was a debate on the historicity of Jesus between Bart Ehrman (for historicity) and Robert Price (against), hosted by Mythicist Milwaukee.

I did not see the debate, but some reactions are starting to appear online, so I thought I'd collect links here:

Vridar has writeups on Ehrman's opening and Price's opening.

James McGrath has his own thoughts and also participated in a post-debate discussion, though Vridar points out a howler of McGrath's.

Aged Reasoner at Freethought Blogs.

Added: René Salm responds at Mythicist Papers.

Added: Richard Carrier's response.

Added: Roger Viklund has a post, unfortunately it is in Swedish; Google Translate link.

Added: Vridar also has a links page.

Anyone have any more links? I'll update the post as needed.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Altemeyer's The Authoritarians

For those people who have somehow managed to avoid it despite the fact that it's been linked all around the Internet for the past 10 years, this is a reminder that Bob Altemeyer's book The Authoritarians is available free in PDF form at the link.

If you want to take the RWA-scale questionnaire from the book, I have put up a convenient online version; this is completely private, all scoring is client-side and no results are stored or sent anywhere (not even to me).